The Sipodent is a fully customizable 3D orthodontic device in soft plastic material, built digitally strictly respecting the six keys of a functional occlusion and suitable for performing both skeletal and dental action. It acts simultaneously on both dental arches (upper and lower). This simultaneity makes the treatment duration shorter and the correction more stable.

The orthodontic technique guiding principle with this device is the “guided occlusion” that promotes the correct dental growth and the development of the arches towards an ideal shape with correct occlusal, transverse, sagittal and vertical relationships.


The Sipodent is realized through an intra-oral scan or traditional imprint that is subsequently digitized through a desktop scanner. Then, the dental elements are segmented through a dedicated software (in our specific case 3Shape) and an ideal setup is realized according to the six keys. After the validation of the clinician, the Sipodent is realized in 3D with the addition of soft class 2A biocompatible material.


Preventive and interceptive orthodontics, involves treatments at an early age during the active stages of dental and  the cranium-facial skeleton growth. This operations are aiming to remove factors considered responsible for dental malocclusions and to restore the normal growth, making a proper and functional dental alignment possible.

When the patient is young it is easier to remove the malocclusions factors, to exploit the natural forces of growth and to obtain a balanced dental profile before the eruption of the permanent teeth.



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